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Bracelet & AnkletsUpdated 2 years ago

It is very easy to measure yourself using items that can be found at home. It would be best if you had a piece of string or something of that nature. 

1st Step - Wrap around your anklet or wrist


You will measure only for the chain. Find your desired length by wrapping the string around your wrist or anklet and marking that point.

2nd Step - Measure using a ruler


Lay the string next to a ruler or a measuring tape and find your size. Most of our pieces come with an adjustable 1" extender, so you can fine-tune it before using it and avoid measuring issues.

If you want a comfortable fit, add around 1/2" to your measured length. If you prefer a more snug fit, only add 1/4" to your measurement.

We don't suggest a snug fit for anklets because these tiny dainty pieces will not hold up against stretches of the anklet and break.

Don't Worry! 

It will come with a 1" adjustable extender. If you still have issues, we offer exchanges for six months after your purchase. Please click the link below for more details on exchanges.

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